Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shameless Plug Time!

This is the first episode of a new web comedy I'm in, Citizen's Arrest:

We also have a dedicated website that's pretty cool. And if I may toot my own horn, I wrote a lot of the content there, such as the character info, trivia, and citizen's arrest guide.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There is Hope for Us All

The following is a video collecting Paul Rudd's scenes in a Hong Kong movie called Tejing xinrinlei 2, or Gen-Y Cops, made in 2000. Best line: "Roseanne Barr Arnold will be president before that happens."

This shows me a couple things. One, Chinese people will watch anything. Two, as awesome as I know Paul Rudd to be, he had to make a movie like this. Five years after Clueless. So just because you're in a terrible movie/play, doesn't mean you always will be. Of course, I can't even get a lead in a terrible movie, but that's a different story.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching Up--Slumdog

Finally caught Slumdog Millionaire Saturday night. I enjoyed it, and of course it's a good movie, but I think I fall into the camp of not really understanding what the hype is about. Do people just need a movie to latch onto this season, and Boyle won the lottery? Definitely not his best (but what's going to beat Trainspotting, honestly?), and you'll notice none of the actors have really been nominated for anything. They were good, but not Oscar-worthy. It was uplifting, but didn't resonate with me like Milk did, nor do any of the performances stack up to Penn and Brolin. Amy had a good point when she said that (there might be a spoiler or two here) there wasn't really any danger in the questioning, or present timeframe of the movie. Sure, they beat the crap out of him in the opening scene, but it didn't really seem to cost him anything and after that they just sit and listen to him. You don't see him convince the police of anything, nor do you really see them let him go. Nor how he actually made it on the show, but maybe we missed that. But the last song was pretty awesome.

Ugly Betty ended up being a 14-hour day. Haven't seen the check yet, but since it was non-SAG I'm not that excited. I met some cool people though; in particular one girl said she'd give my headshot/resume to her agent at Atlas, which I thought was pretty great. She's married with a kid, so I don't really think there's any ulterior motive there, and she totally volunteered to do that. Pretty cool. We'll see if it goes anywhere though. Guiding Light was as easy as it ever is. I was at the studio by 11, done by 5. There was a new stage manager; he was really nice. I got called to come back this Friday at 7:30 AM. Keep it coming, and let's make the next one an under-5 shall we? Daddy needs rent and a reel.

I'm getting a little panicked about money again. I find myself thinking that I should just get a job somewhere and quit waiting for something to happen, because I don't know what that thing would be. Plus I really wish I had money for new headshots and postcards, and that ain't happening at this rate.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Inching Forward

I'm actually going to work two days this week! Amazing! I submitted for some non-union background work on Ugly Betty, and they called me Friday to see if I was still available. That'll be a little rough since I'm non-SAG, pay wise, but money's money at this point and I don't think I've actually gotten to do any work for that casting office yet.

And I was just thinking today about sending a headshot to the under-5 casting lady at Guiding Light, since I've worked background for them for about a year and a half now and it had started to slow down, when the background lady called to see if I could work Wednesday. Most of the work I've done for them was as a bartender in their upscale restaurant set, Towers. This will be as a waiter in the casual restaurant, Company. Jill actually mentioned that it could lead to some under-5 work (that's a notch above background and below a day player; it means I'd have five lines or less), which will hopefully be true and awesome. I'm surprised she even mentioned it.

I'm starting to feel a little more pro-active lately, so I think I'm going to email the commercial agent I freelanced with the second half of last year. She hasn't called me in quite a while. I think she may be done with me, since I didn't book anything she sent me on. So I thought I might let her know my availability's a little more open than it was at the end of the year. The worst that can happen is she says no, or doesn't write back.

In other news I had some good rehearsals for the off-off show this weekend. I'm a supporting character and the part's written pretty thin, so the director wants to add a good backstory between me and the other supporting cadet. It's more or less working, and it more or less fits the play, but I always hate doing that because it feels so tacked-on and usually involves fudging either what the playwright wrote or what we as actors have to do. At least I've got more to do in the play now.